Lychee Loose 5kg AU


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Lychee Loose 5kg AU
A fresh Lychee is distinctly unique in its appearance. The Lychee is petite, roughly the size of a walnut and its skin is covered with tiny spike-like projections. Young fruits are green and once mature they will become blushed with pink, then bright red. At maturity, the thin inedible leathered skin is covered in hues of rouge. The edible translucent white flesh bears a single central dark brown nut which doubles as the fruit's seed. The flesh's texture is jelly-like, chewy and juicy. At their peak ripeness, Lychees are perfumed with a combination of flavors exotic to most palates. Lychees bring the fragrance of roses, the sweetness of cherries, the acidic brightness of pineapples and the mellow flavor of green grapes together in one mouthful.

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