Be Healthy, Eat Fresh

Our Farm

At Healthy and Fresh, we are passionate about feeding New Zealanders with high quality produce. Now, we are moving our focus to ensuring that our products are also sustainably farmed.

Traditional methods of farming are resource-intensive and taxing on the environment. Globally, 70% of water usage goes towards agricultural production largely due to unsustainable irrigation practices, and 38% of the earth's non frozen land is used for growing food.

In 2020, we began construction of our hydroponic farm. Hydroponic farming is a more sustainable way of farming, reducing the use of many unnecessary components of traditional farming, such as soil, pesticides and excess fertiliser. Additionally, using greenhouses means that crops are less susceptible to weather damage, reducing wastage.

Once construction finishes in end of 2022, 90% of our fresh vegetable supply will originate from our hydroponic farm.