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Choko Loose 30ct
A choko is also known as chayote, vegetable pear or mango squash. They grow on a climbing plant and look a bit like a pear. Some varieties have spines, while others are spineless.

Colours range from green to ivory white. Chokos have a very mild flavour, often compared to marrow, so they are usually cooked with other stronger tasting foods.

Choko halves can be stuffed. They can be diced, cooked and served with a sauce, stir fried, and added to braises or stews. They can be used in fruit and vegetable salads, and in desserts, tarts, breads, jams or cakes. Chokos can be pickled or used as a base for relishes.
Choko has a bland-tasting flesh that may be used in several ways. It may be prepared in similar ways to other summer squash, such as zucchini, but may require peeling and a bit more seasoning. Chayote is most commonly used in side dishes, stews, and casseroles. It may also be sliced in half and baked. The soft seed is edible, but many choose to remove it.

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